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My Collection

Random Image 1My Corgi and Dinky collections are based on the models I had when I was young. I probably started with Dinkys in the mid 50's with the racing cars and agricultural models offering great play value.
One Christmas my parents gave me a collection of six boxed Corgi's, the new ones with windows, I from then on always returned them to their boxes after use. Consequently the earlier models are often missing end flaps etc.

Random Image 2I added to my Dinky military collection when I had several given to me in my teens, which my friends had finished with, usually unboxed. There also came a few Corgi's.
Much later I started collecting models associated with my domestic appliance business. This was sparked by Corgi and EFE models of Hoover and Hotpoint delivery and service vehicles. With my interest rekindled I have added a diverse range of appliance based models and have bought several boxed original Corgi's and occasional other models that have taken my fancy.

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