Senior citizens’ lunch - 2017

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Holsworthy & District Lions hosted their annual senior citizens’ lunch on Saturday 21st January. The lunch, which took place in the Memorial Hall in Holsworthy, is traditionally the first major event of the year in the Lions’ calendar. Over 100 guests were treated to a three course lunch of soup, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and a dessert - as well as a complimentary drink of their choosing from the bar. The entire event is paid for by the Lions out of the proceeds of their various fundraising activities during the year. The Lions, together with partners and children, also help out in the kitchen, serve the food, and do all the washing up afterwards. The work in the kitchen was done under the supervision of head chef, and Holsworthy Mayor, Jonathan Hutchings. Music was provided by Liz Jones on the piano. At the end of the lunch one of the guests, Mr. John Francis, made a short speech to thank the Lions for the lunch and for all the other work they do throughout the year.

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