2015 Lions’ Speed Pool competition raises £1,357.15

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The Bridge Inn team: Daren Short; Gareth Short; James Neep; Craig Trayford; Andy Ireland; Paul Goodman.
Holsworthy and District Lions’ annual speed-pool competition was held on 16 April. This year, eight teams from in and around Holsworthy entered: the White Hart Hotel in Holsworthy; the Village Inn in Ashwater; Holsworthy Golf Club; the Bridge Inn in Bridgerule; Holsworthy Social Club; Bradworthy Social Club; the Old Orchard Inn in Week St Mary, and ‘The Shed’ from Holsworthy.

Teams consist of six players who take it in turns to attempt to pot balls. The winning team is the team that can pot the most balls in exactly one hour.

The highest scoring team this year were the Village Inn who managed to pot 507 balls in one hour – an average of one ball per 7.1 seconds. The score of 507 was only 12 more than ‘The Shed’ who were the highest scoring team in the previous two years

The highest male individual scorer was Paul Wimbourne from Holsworthy Golf Club with 103 balls. The highest lady scorer was Karen Cowlbeck from Holsworthy Social.

Holsworthy Social Club also raised the most sponsorship money for the third year running with £554.15. The money raised will be used by the Lions to fund their annual ‘Fun-day’ for kids and adults with disabilities in November. Club President Richard Hutchings expressed his thanks to all those who took part in this year’s competition and to all those who donated money.

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