Medieval Pageant 1979 ???

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A procession of the pageant participants
This year we decided to hold a Medieval Pageant for the summer event. We hired a group who did this and had various side shows and stalls.

Cheque presentation from Barclays Bank

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The photo of the members from around 1978 was taken at a presentation from Barclays Bank, the Under Manager in centre of photo wearing glasses is Val Kelly. From left to right.; ; Richard Grainger; Colin Sanders; Tony Davey; Tony Hart; John Wyatt (partly hidden); Paul Bere; Phil Cole; Roger Allin behind Bill Bass; Bill Cousins; Malcom Ford; Val Kelly; Charles Cornish behind Vic Williams ( with beard); Ted Haste; Pat Sullivan; Chris Morgan (front); Michael Blaise; Tony Smallridge; Alan Winnicott; Pete Mills

The Second Donkey Derby

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The cover of our second Donkey Derby.
The second Donkey derby featured The Royal Green Jackets Parachute Display Team as a major attraction.
The president this year was Pat Sullivan and monies raised were going towards building a disabled toilet facility at the bus stop.

Holsworthy Lions "Meals on Wheels" minivan

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Holsworthy Lions present the minivan to the Meals On Wheels service.
A presentation of a minivan to the local "Meals on Wheels" service was the first big project. A lot of members turned out for the presentation, from left to right we have Kit Mayers, Colin Sanders, Chris Morgan, Alan Winnicott, Paul Bere, Tony Smallridge (partly hidden), Phil Cole, Bill Cousins, Roger Allin, Bob Davies, Graham Whitlock, Malcomb Ford, Michael Blaise, President Charles Cornish and Pat Sullivan.
In the second photo we see Lion Alan Winnicott loading it to deliver a batch of meals.

Our First Donkey Derby

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The cover of our first Donkey Derby.
1976 saw the launch of our first major fundraising event. There was a lot of advertising and sponsorship sold which featured in the program for the event.
Below is "A Message from the President" taken from the programme.
Welcome to our Donkey Derby, I hope you will have an enjoyable afternoon.
This is our first major fund raising event, although we have not been dormant since we were formed in November last.
Logs have been cut and delivered to many homes in the area. A stove has been provided and fitted for an elderly couple. From the proceeds of our Teddy Bear Stall and Sponsored Knit-In we are able to supply an electric propelled Wheel Chair to the Health Centre for use by the disabled.
It is hoped the that the proceeds from this Donkey Derby will help to purchase a new "Meals on Wheels" van.
We have also been asked by the local Red Cross to supply a Resussi-Anne to aid them in teaching mouth to mouth resuscitation.
All in all we hope to live up to the motto of our new International President, Prof.J.F. Sobral, "Make your fellow man feel needed".
May I thank you all for helping us make all this possible.

Charles Cornish, President.

Cutting and Distributing Logs

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Distibuting logs are Bob Davies, Paul Bere and I think the 3rd person is Keith Clarke who was instrumental in forming the club but moved away before we chartered.
One of our first things was cutting and distributing logs to deserving cases. We were kindly donated a lot of felled timber and at weekends we cut it into logs and distributed them. I remember that we ruined 2 chainsaws lent to us by Fulford Trumps courtesy of Bob.

1975-1980 The Early Years

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The front cover of the guide we published annually from around 1977
The Holsworthy Lions Club was officially inaugurated on the 27th November 1975 although the nucleus had formed a few months earlier.
Some of the earliest projects were cutting logs and distributing to deserving cases and collection of cardboard for recycling, a messy time consuming job that we passed to the Scouts after a while.
A regular source of income was a stall for Teddy Bear raffles that we took to various events. A few Barn Dances were held and a few quite large events were organised. Annual Donkey Derbys were held at the old showfield. An annual local guide book written by Lion Kit Mayers was published and sold in the area.
Some of the larger projects were presentation of a mini van to the local "Meals on Wheels" service and construction of the disabled toilet at the Holsworthy bus stop.
Membership was quite high, normally around 25-35 members.


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