Lions help fund museum’s WWI project

President Ray Fursdon and Russell Dymond thumbnailPresident Ray Fursdon and Russell Dymond
President Ray Fursdon and Russell Dymond

On 15 May 2014 Holsworthy & District Lions donated a cheque for £250 to Holsworthy Museum to help fund the museum’s World War I project “In Remembrance Holsworthy & District 1914–18”.

The project’s aim is to research the part played by the men and women of Holsworthy & District during and after the First World War. It started with the idea of researching the 36 men lost during the 1914–1918 war whose names appear on the Holsworthy War Memorial – but it grew into a plan to cover not only Holsworthy, but 21 surrounding parishes. The project plans to not only focus on those men who did not return, but also on the lives of the survivors many of whom carried the scars of war – both emotional and physical.

The Holsworthy & District 1914–1918 Archive will provide the means to produce information in a number of formats and at the end of the project the archive will be housed in the museum where it will be accessible for researchers and interested individuals.

A special Memorial Book, which will contain biographies and photographs of the people researched, will cover the casualties from all 22 parishes. The book will be presented to each parish as well as relevant organisations, schools and individuals.

A Website ( will support the project and will give the museum the opportunity to make the information available worldwide as well keeping everyone updated with events and news.

An Education Pack, will be designed for use in local schools. Each pack will be parish specific, focusing on an individual from within that area and looking at their life before the war and the events leading up to their wartime life. It will also include ideas for the schools to undertake their own projects to make the events of 100 years ago relevant to the young people of today.


Thu 21 February 2019
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