No Carnival Queen for Holsworthy Carnival?

Despite only taking over the running of the Holsworthy Carnival a few months ago, Holsworthy & District Lions have hit their first major problem. This year’s Carnival doesn’t have a Carnival Queen.

More than a dozen posters were put up around the town at the end of June inviting people to apply to be the 2014 Carnival Queen and Fairy Queen. But as at the closing date of 31 August, nobody had applied to be the Carnival Queen.

The Fairy Queen didn’t do a lot better if truth be told – so far there has only been one confirmed applicant. Somebody else did phone one of the Carnival Committee members and left a message on their answering phone, but the message was, unfortunately, cut short, and the full telephone number wasn’t recorded.

Holsworthy & District Lions would like to invite the person who left that message to call back, or email, if they are still interested in their daughter applying to be this year’s Fairy Queen.

The Lions have also extended the closing date for anyone wanting to apply to be this year’s Carnival Queen – until Wednesday 10th September. The only conditions are that the applicant must live in the catchment area for Holsworthy Community College – and be 12 years old or older. There is, and has never been actually, an upper age limit for the Carnival Queen; so applications are invited from young ladies whether they be in their teens or in their nineties.

Contact Robin Mitchell on (01409) 254460 or at


Thu 21 February 2019
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