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Richard and Kirsty Higgins thumbnailRichard and Kirsty Higgins
Richard and Kirsty Higgins

Holsworthy & District Lions recently presented a cheque for £100 to Kirsty Higgins, who works for Specsavers in Launceston. The money was given to help fund her upcoming trip to Lusaka in Zambia for two weeks with a charity called Vision Aid Overseas. Vision Aid Overseas’ aim is to reduce global poverty by increasing access to eye care services in developing countries.

During her trip she will be working as part of a team that will be setting up a vision centre. The vision centre will provide low cost eye care to people who have previously not been able to afford access to the services. Her role in the team will be installing glazing equipment and then teaching local technicians how to glaze prescription glasses. This will then lead on to the centre becoming a long term, sustainable solution to the eye care needs of the people of Lusaka.

The aims of Vision Aid Overseas, and Kirsty’s support of the charity, are things that are very close to the hearts of all Lions. The Lions Club International Foundation is a world-leader in providing support for preventing avoidable blindness and restoring sight for people around the world. The Lions’ “SightFirst program” has, since the 1990s, played a key role in reducing global blindness and has been able to help 30 million people have improved, or completely restored, vision.

Even at a local level, Holsworthy & District Lions have been collecting unwanted glasses for many years. These are then shipped to the national collection centre set up by Chichester Lions and, from there, to those who need them around the world. Any unwanted prescription glassed can be dropped in the collection boxes which are located in Holsworthy Medical Centre, Holsworthy Hospital and Bradworthy Doctors’ Surgery.


Thu 21 February 2019
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