Fun-day 2014

All the fun of the fair thumbnailAll the fun of the fair
All the fun of the fair
The day after Carnival Saturday was the annual Lions “Fun-day” for kids and adults with disabilities. It really was an exhausting weekend to be a Lion. Fun-day is, and has been for many years, the highlight of our year. We work hard throughout the year to raise the money needed to pay for it all – as it is absolutely free for the 300 or so guests and 150 carers that attend each year. This year we had guests from as far and wide as Bristol, Exmouth and Newquay. We also had fellow Lions from all over Devon and Cornwall coming to lend a hand,

The big rides that stay on from David Rowlands’ fun fair on the Saturday are a great favourite with all the guests. This year it was the dodgems and the waltzer. The guests get to ride them as many times as they want to – or, perhaps, as many times as their stomachs can cope with. We gave away gallons and gallons of ice-cream (kindly donated by Kelly’s of Cornwall), a staggering 520 burgers, 309 hotdogs, not to mention sweets, candyfloss and enough coke and lemonade to float a small ship.

This year we had a disco in the Memorial Hall provided by Holsworthy Lion and professional DJ Andy King. Merlin the Children’s entertainer put on a show for the guests, and there was also face-painting, a pony & trap ride, and a coconut shy, to name but a few other things.

The guests had all left by 3.15pm and after we had cleared up and put away, we went for a well-deserved pint.

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