Local volunteer’s plans put on hold

Lions Ray Fursdon and Andy Townsend with Lydia Furse thumbnailLions Ray Fursdon and Andy Townsend with Lydia Furse
Lions Ray Fursdon and Andy Townsend with Lydia Furse

On Thursday 17th September Holsworthy & District Lions presented a cheque for £100 to Lydia Furse of Holsworthy. The money was donated to help Lydia fund a trip to Burkina Faso in west Africa with the charity International Service. The purpose of the trip was to work with disabled children and, specifically, to help integrate them back into the community through playing sport.

Lydia was due to fly to Burkina Faso on Saturday 19th September but her plans have been put on hold following a military coup in the country on the day she was presented with the cheque. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office are currently advising against all travel to Burkina Faso and, according to their website, the situation remains unclear and tensions remain high in the country. Land borders and airports have temporarily closed and a curfew has been imposed by the military from 7pm to 6am.

Lydia is hoping that the situation will resolve itself in the upcoming weeks and her trip will be only postponed, rather than completely cancelled. Lions’ Treasurer John Cottle said that, despite the military coup, the club were still happy to donate the money and hoped that Lydia would be able to travel to Burkina Faso in due course. He said Lydia’s safety is obviously the main concern at the moment, but any charity that works with disabled children is a charity that the Lions are happy to support. He had no doubts that International Service would put the money to good use even if the planned trip to Burkina Faso falls through.


Thu 21 February 2019
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