Lions garden make-over birthday surprise

Brian, Robin, Ray and Tony thumbnailBrian, Robin, Ray and Tony
Brian, Robin, Ray and Tony

Holsworthy & District Lions undertook some work of a very different nature on June 30th. That day was the birthday of Karen Mitchell – the wife of one of the Lions members. Club spokesman (and husband) Robin takes up the story: “We have always had this overgrown, weed-ridden small patch of garden behind the house that Karen has always hated – but never found the time to do anything about. So I suggested to the Lions Club that, for a £100 donation from me to the Lions, we get a few of them round on the day of her birthday when she is at work – and do a one day garden make-over in the style of that Alan Titchmarsh television programme ‘Ground Force’. A birthday surprise. We cleared the area of weeds and I ordered all the necessary gravel etc – and on June 30th four members of the Lions came around to start the transformation. We started at 9.00 in the morning and by 4.00 in the afternoon we had finished. One of the Lions (a former builder) built a retaining block wall at the end of the garden and we used 6x2 planks to terrace the slope, and then wheel-barrowed 2 tonnes of gravel into the garden. I bought a few plants for a splash colour – but not too many as Karen can do that in her own time. It is fair to say that she was absolutely stunned when she arrived home in the evening – and that all of the Lions were absolutely exhausted by the time it was done”.


Thu 21 February 2019
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