Message in a Bottle

What is Message in a Bottle?

The Lions Message in a Bottle is a simple idea that encourages people to keep their basic personal and medical details in a common place where they can easily be found in emergency.

How does it work?

Lions Message in a bottle imageThe information on paper is kept in a bottle. The bottle is kept in the fridge, where the emergency services will expect to find it in the event of being called to your home. They will know you have a bottle by the two labels, one fixed on the inside of the front door or the main entrance to your home and the other to the door of your fridge.
The Message in a Bottle Scheme is supported by Ambulance, Police, Fire and Rescue, and emergency doctors.

What does it cost?

It's FREE. All the costs are paid by the Holsworthy & District Lions Club.

Where can I get a bottle?

Lions Message in a bottle image
In the Holsworthy area they are available at the following places:
Holsworthy Hospital
Holsworthy Medical Centre,
Lloyds Chemist

In the Bradworthy area they are available at the following places:
Medical Centre,

For further information :-
Holsworthy & District Lions Club Tel: 01409 254 283


Sat 25 June 2022
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